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It is our hope that this catalog peaks your interest, grabs your attention and re-ignites your desire to build your mortgage business. We believe that direct mail is the quickest, most cost-effective method to set your phone ringing. Inside you will find 6 check letter designs—including a variety of envelope designs—postcards and information on our custom SnapPak mailers. Each of these mailers have been designed with one theme in mind—to help you build
your business.

The Mortgage Mail Made Simple program is developed and produced by United Printing & Mailing. Established in 1965, United has been serving clients for over 40 years. Over
those decades, we have consistently and effectively expanded our capabilities and expertise in such a manner that today we are at the very cutting edge of printing and mailing technology.

We build our direct mail programs to be second-to-none. Each of our programs begin by methodically researching the market. From there we implement this research and begin building each of our mailers so that they appeal to your reader’s self-interest. By doing this, the odds of your mailpiece being opened and your audience responding are increased, thus opening the door for you to sell your services to them. Simply put, our success lies in your success.

Craig L. Hauer

Craig L. Hauer
CEO, United Printing & Mailing